Sunday, October 10, 2021

Red room

Or, what would you call that wall?  Terracotta?  Ochre, Ombre, ...Coral.  
Anyway, the focus of the recording is Kodak Black age 11ish.  
People keep saying Pray for Kodak.  True.  He needs it.

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Saturday, October 02, 2021

another favourite movie and my first playlist sort of

- film: 
I just watched Wolf Children.  I'll so watch that again.  
Found it mentioned somewhere on the web in a list of bests, and so glad I decided to try some of the recommended films because indeed I've found something to love.  

- music+video: 
A long time ago (Undergrad) this, Love Is In The Aire was one of my first music CDs ever (listen here 🎧🎶)  Before then I had tapes, and even a "walkman" but I was now in the US and the technology had changed so I finally got a "discman" and CDs.   
I seem to remember that this music CD was sold in a pick-three-of-these for one low price at the music store in Yankee.  I did my best, got the ones I thought would be nice, but this one turned out not to be the actual songs as advertised but just the instrumentals of the songs, which was probably at first disappointing but I ended up really liking my funny instrumentals, as I really liked all my music back then actually.  

The news is that I took time out of my busy media-consuming schedule to create something...Not just the instrumentals but the full audio experience, with video, it's classic, it's classy, it's cool, it's HERE, ENJOY
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Friday, October 01, 2021

Saturday, September 25, 2021


I don't mean to use such a big word - forgive me.  

I have a story about one time I just stopped and sat still and thought ... now I'm thinking it was nonsense that I thought, but it is a thing that has made me live like a mad person for many of the maybe eighteen years since.  The general idea was - no, I'm embarrassed to say it now, even if I was right and my madness has not been in vain.  

Here is another thought.  Black people have done well to go deep into all kinds of people's ways.  Why not go deeper?  Why not find ourself / ourselves?  Who are we, who were our parents' parents and where were we ten thousand years ago?  Are such things important?  

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Sunday, August 29, 2021

sex and the city, village editions

Two readings: 

Promiscuous Girls, Good Wives, and Cheating Husbands: Gender Inequality, Transitions to Marriage, and Infidelity in Southeastern Nigeria.  A paper by Daniel Jordan Smith, published (2010 Winter) in Anthropology Quarterly.  

Polygamy and its role in Nigerian tribes - Hausa / Igbo / Yoruba polygamy.   A "culture and entertainment" article published (February 2020) in online.  Also see Harms of Polygyny for a Western-legal response.  

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