Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My top Woody Allen films, so far

Hard to choose, but the first ones I ever saw were Match Point and Anything Else.  Anything Else was offbeat (Christina Ricci) while Match Point was both commercial and sophisticated at the same time.  Top Five, for sure.

I had a Woody Allen-watching binge in 2015, who knows I may have seen ten of his films in one year.  The most arthouse of them, reportedly modeled after Ingmar Bergman, is Interiors.  If you like capital F Film, you must watch this.  If you can't stand sad reality, then avoid.  Woody Allen has a few oft-repeated themes, one of them is what conservative people might tag marriage-bashing.  See Husbands and Wives to continue the education.  What's New Pussycat? to see Peter O'Toole join the fun.  It's a very old film and took me several tries to stop falling asleep.    Hollywood Ending if you want to see true love win in the end - no, you won't fall asleep.

Before the binge, I saw and loved Midnight in Paris.  Then the binge gave me two related experiences that I love just as much: Magic in the Moonlight + The Purple Rose of Cairo.  Mmua, all three of them. Mmua. 

My binge started with finally getting to the end of Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  It's an interesting film because, this guy knows how to romance places - Barcelona in this case, because he knows what to do with Scarlett Johansson (or ScarJo just plain always knows what to do; be good, bad, dangerous, imperfect, and alluring on film), because Javier Bardem looks the way he does, because Penelope Cruz sounds the way she does, and because it's generally not alright in real life to share romance in the way this movie depicts.  

I think I've seen Whatever Works in a theater, though I'm fuzzy on details like Anything Else.  They must have been alike, with a very good lead actor playing a very jaded or rebellious character that makes untraditional choices for their sexual relationship(s).  I almost forgot about Manhattan.  It must have been like Husbands and Wives, but with less drama.  A Russian student had his (Woody's) attention, I think.  Love and Death had more colour and more Russian and more explicit humour; a very theatrical experience, even if the story line evades me.   

To Rome With Love I think I saw without subtitles - oops.  I ditched Take The Money and Run because it seemed super-stupid; not my genre.  The critics always say Annie Hall is his greatest, guess I'll have to watch that again.  It seemed funny, quirky, and romance-y enough.

Next, I'm going to see Fading Gigolo (I hear it's boring, un sympathique petit film as someone called it - which is often my thing), and New York Stories (I hope he's in his element in his city.)  Then maybe Play It Again, Sam and Paris-Manhattan will be next?

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My top five music+video experiences of 2015

1. "untitled", by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar performed an Untitled song on the Colbert Report, December 2014
just before completely owning the music of 2015

2. Awww, by Di'Ja

Puppy love, awww...

3. Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars)

Shake it, but please don't break it.

4. Adventure of a Lifetime, by Coldplay

A for effort.

5. Watch Me, by Silentó

This counts as gym time.

Have a brilliant year!

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Kendrick Lamar on youtube with videos off the Butterfly album "i", King Kunta, Alright, For Free, and These Walls leading the way;
in stunning live performances on Stephen Colbert's shows, at the Kennedy Center, with Ellen DeGeneres, at the Grammy and BET awards;
and fairly stealing the show as a featured artist with Jidenna, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, and other friends.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Wake me up when it's all over

This is what we've been going through:
Very dry weather, with humidity plumbing levels below 20% daily, which is more or less outside the range of experience according to this graph.
 Climate data for Ikeja/Lagos, Relative Humidity in %
Average Max (blue) and Min (brown) with percentile bands 25th-75th (dark) and 10th - 90th (light)
 A lot of people
- feel cold, like in any desert, the temperature ranges wider now that it's dry - colder nights/mornings, hotter afternoons.
- can't stand the dust and pollution.  Sometimes I can taste sand. 
- have actually got colds, the flu or such.  I have.  I ended up taking medicine
-  feel super hungry.  Last week was the worst - I just had to keep eating.  It felt crazy to be hungry every hour or two, but what could I do?  Some people just report feeling thirsty. 
- don't want to get out of bed.  I'm sure it's for times like this that our more organic-living brethren (including the burrowing crew) discovered hibernation.
Biologically, we would probably do well to shut it down and get back to the business of money and such in January.  But we have calendars to run.

I feel lazy.  I feel like King David, walking through the cold valley of the dark shadow of harmattan.  In two weeks, I will break through to the other side.  I fear no evil.  This too shall pass.  

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Charmed to be in the blog neighbourhood

People are still doing this blog thing.

This is what happened when I clicked the relic "Next Blog" link at the top of this blogger page: Blog 1, which led me to Blog 2, Next Blog 3, Blog 4, then Blog 5.

Their themes -
art: illustration, painting, photos, technique, babies and children.  

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Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm Poe

Nigeria's very own.
Poe.  Africa's finest.  What - you don't like tall, dark, and handsome?  Ok, hear him on this utterly adorable track: ADORE HER.  Video coming soon, I bet. 

Eye candy gigs: He's in that music video for Awww, with Di'Ja ; and Marry Me, with Falz and Yemi Alade starring as the hilarious couple at Poe's wedding.
Then he's in his own videos, like New Era and Ko Ye Won.  What are the words to describe this rap style tho'?  Calmly confident?  Yeah, he's a Taurus kid alright.
We Taureans Rule!
The Lord has blessed me with bars 
but what he did with my patience?  I don't know.  
- in The Island (from the Icarus EP, long time ago)

He has this really smooth mellow vibe on mature tracks like Slow It Down and Feel Alright.  Call it Palm-wine music.  The dude real name Ladipo Eso, sometimes @Ladipoe online, is a poet, a bit like Edgar Allan hehehe. Besides music and flow, he also (apparently) loves the gym, the books, and healthcare.

He has a tiny bit of a naughty side "get in that Benz you Sexy Bitch"
but he's so smart and everything that your mother would completely approve of him,
or want him for herself ;)
No seriously.  He's like Madonna's next protégé or something. 
They say abeg do this 
  say abeg do that 
Abeg, Guy, Fuck you!  I'm above all that.   
- in TOMORROW (TAP Season, coming soon)

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