Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Friday, December 08, 2017

It's so nice to have internet

30 Gigs a month.
I can watch lots of videos (at low/medium resolution), sneak in some downloads, and not even have to worry about wasting minutes of downloaded video or whatever.   

I remember internet hell five years ago, or two years ago having this level of access and speed but only overnight.

This is new for me mehn.  And it's good

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Somebody did this
serena in mythology
 And I found it just when I was starting to despair that there were not enough female lead characters in mythology.  Now I see that there are some: Serena, but also the big Greek + Roman names - Diana, Venus, ...

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ajebutter, BOJ, and Falz. Also Niniola and Olamide.

Met up with a music-reviewer friend yesterdayish and was reminded how many new albums I've not yet experienced.  So now I've downloaded a lot of brand new Naija music - I can't wait to listen to everything. 

I'm starting with Ajebutter22's What Happens In Lagos - the sound is beautiful so far (I'm only two tracks in, ok by the time I'm done with this post, I've heard the whole album once.  It's really nice. )
I really badly liked his first album too - Anytime Soon.
2014 album
2017 album

Next up (alphabetically) is BOJ's Magic album which I've sort of heard half of before and which is definitely very good as well.
2013 Mixtape #BOTM by BOJ (DRB Lasgidi)
2017 Magic album
Falz's 27.
Falz is super-popular because he is not only a solid rapper-musician but also a top-notch comedian-actor-personality.  Ekiti kete! 

I wish them
more collaborations and bigger accomplishments.
 Let's form Voltron y'all. 

There's still more:

Niniola's This Is Me.  (Ekiti again.  We rock.)  I think she's doing a show like everyday from now till Christmas lol, her energy is incredible.  #Maradona  #AbsoluteStar #Workout
Check out #OfficialNiniola
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Olamide's Lagos Na Wa.
Continuing his #YBNL group's tradition, here's the megasupermusicstar's annual stealthy album drop plus fabulous year-end concert.  He's moving the live concert to the Stadium (Surulere) this year.  (That's good - I don't deal in Eko Hotel events, to be honest.  They're usually rowdy and just silly - they start arbitrarily late, many hours late, and I don't understand sit-down show-off concerts with red-carpets celebrities and worst of all things, they're indoors, and expensive, and probably better experienced on TV, and I would just not do that to myself.)

I don't ask anything of Olamide because he already completely did everything you could ask four years ago with album #3 (or 2, depending on if you count Rapsodi as #1, from before Yahoo Boy No Laptop and the ensuing fame) Baddest Guy Ever Liveth.  So I get the Olamide/YBNL album every year, it's usually good.   It may be that he's gone for a new sound with this one - I'm curious to hear it.

Aramide's Suitcase album and of A-Q's Blessed Forever, when free downloads or street sales become available for these two, I suppose.  I know they both do very good work - Aramide's soul/alternative/guitar sound and A-Q's storyteller rap.

Busy weekend ahead :)
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Friday, October 20, 2017


The Nigeria Leadership Initiative has grown to directly involve over 500 Nigerians over the years - associates, staff, awardees, fellows, donors.  I can't find the site ( now, but there's linkedin and a facebook page.  Its membership is not only big but also diverse, and geographically, people are everywhere in the world though maybe mostly based in Lagos, Abuja, USA, and the UK. 

I first heard about NLI in 2007, then joined the May 2008 class and have since been occasionally very involved but mostly weakly involved, mostly just living my life, but that's still NLI.
Part of me says, "if it is to be, it is up to me" and part of me says, ehn, let's let things be...this brilliant group will find its way to greatness somehow...  I can't do much anyway,
except to reprint or repeat the mantra: From Success To Significance,
and then in smaller letters: From Thought To Action.

Or to condense these and offer the punchier motto : WHO YOU HELP?  Because that's really the whole point.   

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