Monday, October 25, 2004

laissez les bons temps rouler


...that's what they say in Louisiana.
Well, the great LA is calling.
Let the good times roll at the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting and Controls Conference. Yeah, baby!

Other travel plans:
My sisters will be here for Christmas,
and we'll be living it up with road trips to Vegas, Arizona...checking out the stars in LA (you know which LA!)
Then Puerto Rico in March 2005. I got tickets this morning.
Then I should write a paper or something, to present in New Orleans in July.
And possibly, I'll be in the Middle East for Christmas 2005, practising Arabic.
Yeah, baby!


t said...

Crazy New Orleans, Louisiana:
After much thought, it's one of two US cities that I'll love to work in someday. The other is sunny Miami.
What's the inside scoop on University of Miami, University of New Orleans, etc?

t said...

Nine years later - time flies!!! - I'm applying to go back to grad school. I'm considering New Orleans, a couple of Miami schools, then three others: one in Los Angeles, one in Silicon Valley, and one in Washington DC. Here's what I wrote to an advisor today on my excitement about UNO:

I suppose they don't like to hurry :)

I remember visiting New Orleans shortly BEFORE Katrina, loved it. It's just jazzy (in more ways than one, since in Nigeria today the primary meaning of the word jazz is juju as in occultic magic).

I remember the New Yorkers I saw by the big hotel in New Orleans - I think it was the Hilton Riverside, I was there for a conference called the SIAM Annual meeting. They were from New York, somebody asked, they were stuck standing at the curb just angry at the idea that there would be a train - without advance warning - obstructing their walk to the hotel and that they would have to wait two, maybe three whole minutes for the thing to chug past; I think they nearly lost it. I'm sure they considered lodging a complaint. Jumping between coaches. At least I'm sure they made a note to have nothing to do with that hotel ever again, or maybe the whole stupid town with its 20th-century choo-choo trains :)
On that trip too some of my research crew complained about the humid heat. I loved that too.
The year before that I'd been at the same conference in Portland Oregon. Loved the laid-back spirit of the place too, but of course it would be colder than Los Angeles most of the year, making it not a good option for grad school.


t said...

I meant Love It, but oh well, Live It is ok too.