Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Publication: Reconfigurable Computing


My senior thesis work was cited by Hassan A. Phillips in his April 2003 Master's Thesis:
Design and Implementation of a Reconfigurable Computer for Simulation of Turbulent-Induced Flocculation Models
My April 2001 thesis, "Re-configurable Computing for Flocculation Modeling," is reference 31.

The Phillips thesis is online:
Dr. Clay Gloster was his Master's thesis advisor, and my Senior thesis advisor (lucky us!) at Howard University.

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t said...

I co-authored one paper in graduate school. It has been cited in the February 2006 Ph.D. thesis of Gregory Batt on Model Validation in the study of Gene Regulation. The thesis is here, in French, and our paper, on a Robust Model Validation scheme and its demonstration in a biological "circuit" is #227 in the Bibliography.

More comments on my life in research:
My instinct for most of grad school was to want more math. I was fasinated by geometric ideas (Fourier, Poincare) from undergraduate studies at Howard and wanted to develop an instinctive feel for decompositions and transforms.
In grad school, I also got interested in Systems Biology and the preaching of my advisor, John C. Doyle. Although I'd been fascinated with using piecewise affine models to represent gene regulation, the first time I saw a mathematical/large scale approach to using this was during a talk by Ronojoy Ghosh a few years ago.
In my last year of grad school, I started writing a detailed dynamical systems description of the G-protein signalling system. By using SOSTOOLS in parallel with proof-based methods, I would also be able to characterize SOSTOOLS by its strengths and limitations in proving stability of simple models with different dynamical systems features - SEE DRAFT PAPER HERE - This work stopped five months ago, with my decision to leave grad school.