Sunday, September 18, 2005

Three months of research


I still haven't sold my car yet, but with the new low low price I think it will be gone in days.
I haven't spring-cleaned my place either. I need to lose some paper, sell some books, move furniture.
I've hit rock-bottom with my crazy-mouse laptop. I love you baby but I'm gonna replace you.
Anyway, after cleaning up my life, I will have to work for about three months...I'm a researcher again.
Insha' Allah, this will rock; right after I'll do candidacy and go to the Middle East, probably Yemen, for a month or two.
Okey dokey. G'night.


t said...

Hmmm, for some reason the mouse is behaving a lot better today. I've had only about 5 mins of difficulty in over two hours of surfing. Yay.

t said...

two months later...
car isn't sold yet.
i changed the furniture arrangement a bit, and put up dozens of books for sale online. sold about a dozen books so far, and got rid of some junk paper. someday, i'll put my photos in albums.
i'm still looking for a house (to share) that i like.
you noticed that i haven't changed computers, because this one has been nice and happy.
i worked for about three weeks. i overdid it. then i travelled. i haven't focused on the research since.

i plan to schedule candidacy for mid-December, in which case i'll be busy only for about three weeks. i'm still planning to go to Yemen in January.

so help me God.

t said...

in the news:
car is sooold!
someday, i'll put my photos in albums.
maybe i'm still looking for a place. it'll have to be sooo fabulous, though, since i already have a fabulous place.
two weeks ago, i scheduled candidacy for tomorrow. yesterday, my advisor and i decided to postpone it (i need more work) probably for another couple of weeks.
in any case, can't nothing bring me down right now. i'll work on my report for two hours, then go and watch "Commander-In-Chief" - currently my must-see TV program.

My Christmas guests start arriving next week. Who could ask for anything more?

Oh, as you must already know, I'm going to Yemen January 2, 2006. I'll be studying at CALES (Center for Arabic Learning and Eastern Studies) in Sana'a for a month.