Thursday, November 10, 2005

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read about the agent here


Anamaria said...

It does sound pretty bad :) Don't let them fool you, keep it simple. Maybe I should put up my car for sale too. Any advice?

t said...

car selling advice:
it's easier to sell your car when you're not still in love with it.

for advertising:
- craigslist, recycler, pennysaverusa
- caltech (fliers, the postdoc association, today

most people check an online blue book first, and they'll expect to pay no more than the blue book value for your car.

Best of luck.

t said...

i thought this post would be temporary, because the subject is a little depressing and unrelated to "life liberty happiness" (of course nothing is really unrelated...) and more importantly how do you set a song to a series of scam emails?
Now I'm just going to condense and not delete it...and I've got the song.

history: i'll list some of the songs i've considered today:
- Shake off the Beast - Christian (not sure whose)
- Simple Yes or No - Lagbaja (funny, very funny, but I don't like to associate Nigerian music with fraud.)
- Le Petit Monsieur Triste - Edith Piaf ("The Little Sad Man" i'd have had to learn what all the lyrics mean)
- Something from near the end of Madame Butterfly (grand and tragic)
- Vicious World - Rufus Wainwright (for Anamaria, in celebration of viciousness)
- Jolene - Dolly Parton
- Would I Lie To You - Charles and Eddie
- Men In Black - Will Smith
- Jane Doe - Alicia Keys

and the winner is ?:!"~;`{=
- The Boy Is Mine - Brandy, Monica (fun song. somehow i prefer a girl duel theme to a bad-man-did-me-wrong theme)