Monday, December 12, 2005



On Friday night I answered a telephone survey. At first the chirpy recorded woman's voice was funny, and I had a good laugh talking back: as in "Hi, you have been selected to participate in this blah blah blah" and I go "Hi, your voice is very chirpy" and she keeps rambling happily "Do you think the economy is one improving two getting worse three about the same press one if you think the blah blah blah" and I go "how the hell am I supposed to know that."

Anyway before I know it, I'm taking the survey. I suppose it was meant for Americans, but Chirpy never asked me if I had citizenship or voting rights. I maintain that I don't know whether the economy is growing, or in recession, or whether in the next six months the economy will enter a recession. I don't imagine the average American knows.

Do I think Bush is one a fabulous President two a sorta great President three...and I pick: bad but not the worst.

Now do I think he should one be impeached...I think: whoa, for what? a lot of people voted him in office and re-elected him too. If he's an idiot, he's an idiot with support. Don't be trying to steal the Presidency. (Although they say that's politics.)

In the 2006 elections would I be one more willing two less vote for a candidate who pledges to work towards an impeachment. You guessed it: I'm not big on anarchy posing as politics.

Am I one African American two...I'm an alien: none of the above.

Do I consider myself one wealthy two upper middle class three...although I know what this means technically, that a highly-paid New York lawyer or the President of the United States is one class and there are people in a class above them, I pick wealthy because I can't think how I could possibly be wealthier...even if when it came to the last question on income brackets, my after-tax "household income" was in the first - that is, lowest - group.

We walk by faith and not by sight. That's possibly why Nigerians poll as the happiest people in the world...or why this happens in Iraq.

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Anamaria said...

thanks for the encouragement! i ended up not taking it again, cause i didn't have time with all my finals and stuff. i'm feeling much better now that i'm home, and i'm working much more efficiently on my applications. i wanted to go to the last ISP meeting, especially to say bye to you for the term, but i simply forgot, that's how stressed i was... anyway, have a good break! see you in january :)