Saturday, February 04, 2006

Everything happens to me


Got my luggage today. It turns out it's been in Sana'a for two or three of the four weeks I've been waiting, but...Anyway, got the bag. I have my own clothes now. Little party tonight, at which I hope to take a few pictures. I leave in six days. It's soooo relieving to have my luggage back.

Love y'all.


Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

oh that is so cool..i was praying you get it..I beg stay out of trouble and flash ur green passport well well oh- make sure you remind them you are not Danish too- the madness is getting out of hand, but I hope everyone learn lessons from this

t said...

Hey, thanks Busayo.
Now I'm back in Cali.

Laitan said...

it's a shame i didn't know when u were out here, cos i could have driven down to say hello in Abu dhabi or u could have popped into Dubai city for a spell! o never mind, some other time perhaps. i'm glad u liked Yemen, cos it'll give u and others u talk to a different perspective on the middle east. but then, i live in Dubai, which is as westernised as u can get out here....
anyways, will drop by some other time to c ya blogs :-)
had a baby boy 10 days i'm done :-)

t said...

omg, what a nice surprise to read you here!
I should totally have told you I'd be nearby. I intend to do this again in the next year or two - not sure which country yet. We'll see soon. And you'll have toddlers. What a beautiful dream. Love. T.