Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Social intercourse


I just got back from the Arab Film Festival.

The first film I saw there was a short documentary shot throughout Sana'a and titled A Stranger in her own City. It was utterly emotional for me to see video of the place and to watch a girl living out loud in a culture that has other ideas for people of her sex.

Next I saw the equally captivating Goal Dreams. Days later, I met Morad, a Palestinian and American who was prominent in this film about the quest for a World Cup qualification for Palestine. I said "you were in the film" and we introduced and smiled and...quit smiling and parted ways.

The ONE film from the festival that I want everyone I know to see is Occupation 101. Wait for its release, get it, have a viewing party. Let's get the word out and move towards peace and away from stupid violence.

Sadly, most of the films I saw were so good that I anguish over each one I didn't see. (It's impossible to see all the films at this festival, but that doesn't console me.)
I'll write more about the week's movies soon.

San Francisco loves me
Maybe I'll move to the San Francisco Bay Area soon: on this trip, besides watching a lot of films and hearing a lot of Arabic, seeing and liking Berkeley, reading about bonds and stocks, and detoxing from my addiction to toiling on the Web, I met a number of lovely people, some of whom want me to live closer to them.

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Bodhi said...

     Hey T..thanks for the well-wishes.  I am feeling quite a bit better, though still a bit sick.  I did appreciate the opportunity to just take time for me and not feel guilty about resting.

     And it looks like you've been doing some really great fun stuff.  I love Berkeley myself, so if you move up to the Bay, that will be just one more reason for me to come check it out ;)  Looking forward to more about the festival...peace