Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Your money or your life


Just saw this quote on 43 things:
When we go to our jobs, we are trading our life energy for money. The truth, while simple, is profound.
The New Road Map is one attempt at a fair trading strategy.

I have an over-the-phone job interview this morning.
I am genuinely very interested in working at En*, and assume
1. I will do great work here
2. my interest will die out after a short time
Ideally, I'll work here for (a few/many) months, and later go to work somewhere else.
To work "somewhere else," I need to read gobs of finance.

This dead Aussie
clearly lived out loud - the way we ought to want to live.


Erik Donald France said...

Hiya, Tosin,

I'll definitely track down A Touch of Spice. Good luck with the job interview! You're right on with your comments.


Franco said...

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t said...

I'm reading Forex Revolution by Rosenstreich. I know I've found a very compatible business for me: trading.

My grandmother, who died at the age of 49 when I was 1, was a trader. I am a trader. If she was alive, we would really love each other, I know it. I miss her.

Before that I browsed Practical Investment Management by Robert Strong, bought (haven't read yet) The Economics of Financial Institutions and Markets by Paul Smith, which was recommended by my dear papa, borrowed (only read a tiny bit of) Options, Futures and Other Derivatives by John Hull, which everyone said you'd be tested on to get a quant job...

After the Forex book, I'm going to read Japanese Candlestcks, a book on reading charts aka Technical Analysis.

Life is good.