Thursday, October 19, 2006

Still don't know


Despite my best efforts to hate the career fair, it was fun.

Some fun people and companies, like a Nevada technology company that makes slot machines, or this "normal" technology company - with people I like, actually like - that analyses/tests Internet Protocol performance.

I sort of liked - had never heard of them.

I lost some of my apprehension about DE Shaw, so I'll look into that further.

I saw new "trading" companies besides the ones I'd already decided against. One of them is based in LA and hiring right now. Like "can you start next week?" They like my math, seem like cool people, but are not sure if I really want to be a trader - very perceptive. Another one is doing their first interviews / math tests tomorrow morning, so I'll go and try to see if I remember any math. By the way, traders buy and sell stocks or derivatives or financial products people make up. So far that's beautiful. It's said that they work long hours. Pause.

I cornered a recruiter who was not so busy to learn about how she figured out what to do in life. Answer: elimination. I love old people. And all other people who are not too harried to answer my questions.


Erik Donald France said...

Good luck with your Berkeley move! From wet windy cold Detroit, three cheers!

t said...

Thanks, Erik. It's cold here too, but I suppose nothing compared to Detroit...Happy Halloween :( :)

bodhi said...

     Sounds like a pretty good career fair experience.  I hope I can have some good career experiences one day.  If I ever start a career.  Hope you're doing well!

t said...

I actually shrink from using the word "career". It's so...serious.
But yes, you'll do a lot of good in this world and meet a lot of lovely people and some of these will happen around "work." Be ye sure of it. :)