Sunday, April 20, 2008

Things I've learned in Egypt


Vitamin C
When you feel the first symptoms of a cold, get a very high dose of Vitamin C. I don't mean a few oranges or a multivitamin tablet, I mean 30 times the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, like in these 1g Ascorbic Acid effervescent tablets. It's magic.

Don't use a tick-tock clock in your bedroom, get a digital one. The noise can be annoying when all else is silent at night.

Egyptians need to raise their African cred
Sure, they're really African - beautiful people with that regal carriage who love football. But they don't like messy, peppery food and they worry the sun will make their skin dark. Also, they don't dance enough.


t said...

The song is El-3enab or El-3nab or El-enab by Saad El-Soghair / El-Soghayyir.

El-enab = the grapes. No deep meaning here, just certified popular street music. Enjoy.

Erik Donald France said...

Love it! All ;)

Must take more Vitamin C in Detroit these days, too -- lots of colds going around town.

Shall we dance?


lol @ Egyptians having to up their African cred. Well, Malawians and Zambians don't like spicy food and that doesn't make them less African, does it? Oh, and Nigerians, especialy the 'Ajebutters' don't like being in the sun for fear of getting any darker. We can't question their African-ness, can we? And what was the last point? Oh, about dancing skills. Well, I can't poke fun about that one. The only Egyptians I know never danced in front of me. But, don't Egyptians do the belly dancing thing? I hear its great for core-training. Anyway, I liked your post, even though my comment is long.

Take care!

t said...

Erik poor baby. Hope it works for you. Guess what, I have a job so I won't be dancing for the next few hours. You'll wait?

SS: I question their African cred: ajebutters, Malawians, Zambians, ... all of them :) I figure Egyptians can really dance since it's the home of some good and lively stuff but the ajebutters among them don't. ENJOY CLAY SEASON!!! Sure I'll be back by your blogs.

t said...

The music's up finally. See the video here El-Enab

BuJ said...

aha.. it's interesting to note that in the UAE or the arab world in general.. egyptians are viewed as the guardians of the belly dance.. they are very much a nation into music and dance.. or at least this is how we view egypt.. a beautiful country :)

perhaps Egypt will be the first African country I will visit.