Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not retired, but burnt out


Source:, translated from Richard Gasquet interview with l'Equipe.

Richard Gasquet, severely defeated by Seppi don’t want to hear about tennis anymore. But he hopes he will play Roland-Garros.Already beaten by Querrey (Monte Carlo) and Horna (Rome) Richard Gasquet suffered a new harsh setback against Andreas Seppi. More about the style, of an infinite sadness than about the substance. Amorphous, passive, lacking of inspiration, he allowed the Italian to shine without much efforts. (27 winners) “How long it lasted? One hour? Woouah, that’s not bad…” Richard said making fun of himself before delivering his states to mind in all sincerity.

Did you feel it was a remake of your defeat in Rome?
No. Here, at least I fought. With my means, which were poor though. But there is just one word to summarize the situation: I am totally burn out. I haven’t recovered from last year’s efforts. I felt it would happen. I pay them off now. I am totally in the red. Some players, like Nadal or Djokovic, can do it, I don’t, it’s hard for me to follow on.

When you say “burn out”, do you mean physically or mentally?
Both. I have trouble to make efforts during practices, during matches. Physically, I don’t hold on. The mental is follows the same decline. I am not able to play tennis.

Concretely, how do you feel on the court?
Running, moving, everything becomes difficult. I have no energy, the strokes don’t head off, the ball doesn’t come out of the racket. I feel I am strung out. Less in the head for that matter than in the legs. But both go together certainly.

You have no desire to be on the court?
At Rome, not really but today, I had desire. I was there. But the first set didn’t work in my favour… That being said, it’s not easy to take pleasure when you are like this.

What is the solution to your problems?
I am going to have a break from tennis during a week. It won’t hurt me to forget the racket a bit.But, there is an important tournament coming..For Roland-Garros, we will see. Don’t expect a good tournament from me. If there is one..

Do you consider not playing Roland- Garros?
I don’t consider anything. Now, I am going to leave the racket for a week. Then, I will go back to training and we will see then. It’s been almost 2 years I haven’t got some break. I miss it. I have troubles to overdo it. Imagine I do this in Roland-Garros.. it won’t be pleasant for anyone…

But could you totally skip Roland-Garros?
There is a possibility. But a tiny one.

“Taking a break”, what does it mean? Going far away from France?
I don’t know. I am going to try to take some rest, to recharge my batteries. I have to find energy back. Today, that’s what I am missing the most. Well, there is still 2 weeks left before RG. It gives me time. It’s clear I won’t come here really in very good shape. But who knows what can happen…

So, do you give up the idea of playing Casablanca?
Yes. No tournament for me next week. Anyway, at the moment, I can lose to anyone. Eric thinks the same. I don’t accept the defeat but the facts are there.

Do you think, you shouldn’t have come here?
No, I don’t think so. Because now, I really know what my problem is. And I am sure about my diagnosis. It’s easy to draw a conclusion: I have to say stop. I have no other choices. I will take the racket back only when I will want it.

Even if it’s only one day before Roland-Garros?
Nothing is ruled out.

Good luck, Richard.



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