Sunday, June 22, 2008

Down in Zimbabwe


The marriage of violence and buffoonery that has happened in Zimbabwean politics...makes me so angry, I want to be Jason Bourne in Africa right now.

Did you know that Zimbabwe was considered paradise not so long ago? In my lifetime it was, hence under the same President as this one. Now it seems he's become a cancer.

On TV I'm hearing that it's likely the International community will step in, e.g. African Presidents instructing him to leave. Well, act.


Erik Donald France said...

Indeed. Leaders (or same parties) can't seem to stick around for so long without descent into something more sinister (or entropic), eventually.

t said...

Re: Erik
What is the disease that Mugabe has?


an uncle told me that Mugabe is simply concerned about certain severe human rights abuses sucha s a massacre of innocents that happened many years ago. If that is why he continues to cling to power, he should take the time to groom a successor who will keep him safe during his lifetime and and prevent his being sent to the Hague once he loses his Presidential immunity.

It is such a shame that a man who was once considered a liberator, who Nigeria (at the time) worked with to ensure equality for Black Zimbabweans, who so many respected, could now be seen as a pariah for his actions and inactions.

My heart breaks for the ordinary people of Zimbabwe who have to live with the consequences of Mugabe's choices. At the end of the day, it is always ordinary people that pay.