Friday, June 20, 2008

To BlackOut or not to BlackOut


Tomorrow is BlackOutSabbath. Rufus Wainwright is recommending you live off-the-grid for twelve hours, noon to midnight June 21st, wherever you are.

Here are some steps to enjoying the day.

I loved the idea from the first, but I'm not sure if I "can do it." If my roommate is away, I'll turn everything off from the main switch - that's easy. But socializing, that's the hard part - does it count if I just sleep after a few hours?

Will report later on how I celebrate Black Out Sabbath in Egypt.

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t said...

I left town on Saturday: rode the bus to Alexandria and back.
Saw the sights in Alex - library, Roman amphitheatre, catacombs, Fort QaitBai. Ate and bought stuff. Ran into an Italian friend from Sana'a so we hung out the rest of the time. I'll try to downplay what a tremendous surprise this "what are you doing here?"
Sat at the shores of the Mediterranean.
Fun black out sabbath for me. Next time, maybe I'll do the proper candle-lit sing-along house party. That'll be cool.