Sunday, July 27, 2008

What will I tell my grandkids?


One day during Wimbledon I checked live scores on my computer at work and saw a juicy match developing. Excitedly told my officemate what was happening and how I had to watch this match. Then I thought aloud, "what would I tell my grandkids?" My friend gave me a good excuse, something along the lines of: as work life goes, you stick with the live scores. "Nah," I said, "I'll tell them that I took the first available cab home and watched a great game."


Erik Donald France said...

Haha ;->

I checked out Wimbledon many years ago. There was a lot of wet grass and hundreds in the queue, well worth seeing in person.

t said...

Me miss Erik.

Erik Donald France said...

Are you coming back to the USA?

t said...

yeah, next year. got some phd-ing to do ;) you coming to Nigeria?