Thursday, September 18, 2008

SMS Virgin


I just sent my first couple of text messages. I typed them in online in Skype. I don't have a cell phone and had never sent a text message (though when I had a cell people occasionally sent them.) Trying to use all the cool Skype services because cell phones irk me. Conversely I love land lines and old phones and of course the internet and internet phone.


Erik Donald France said...

I like cell phones but only discretely employed. Loathe either a) hearing other people's convos or b) talking in front of other people.

My mother used to be a telephone operator back in the day, quite a few tales to tell about the bizareness of party lines and insane supervisors.

Skype it is, then . . .

t said...

Party Lines - sounds like something out of "Mad Men" era. hehe i never watched Mad Men, but that's totally your "research", no?