Friday, October 10, 2008

Greed is good


We of America believe that "greed is good."
I wonder what else is good now that wasn't good when I was a kid in Lagos 20 years ago, watching Tales by Moonlight on TV and learning "the moral of this story: this story teaches us not to be greedy (or proud, or jealous/envious, etc)." You know, the lessons have changed. No wonder there are things called generational gaps. And culture shock.

Sloth is good? I can beelee that!

The seven deadly sins are LUST (good), GLUTTONY (Oprah says not-so-good) , GREED (your civic duty, very good) , SLOTH (good in small doses, buy antidepressants if in excess) , WRATH (good in small doses, take lessons if too much) , ENVY (drives greed, which is good) , PRIDE (do you like Donald Trump?)


They're not deadly at all, but good for you.

Consider Pynchon's essay on Sloth, and tell me: is a thesis statement good - we were taught this in Freshman English - or is it for losers?

The novel - Haven't been writing, moving and all that, but will get back to it soon. Forget the October deadline.


Dayo said...

haha..I detect some contrarian thinking there. Good thing

Erik Donald France said...

Obama is good. How are things going your way?

t said...

The "sloth is good" link is dead, so here is a different link to the same Pynchon essay: Nearer, My Couch, To Thee

t said...

Another dead link: the "greed is good" speech. Get it here