Monday, August 24, 2009

My new love

Shayo, by Bigiano.
Shayo means booze.
The kid is so cute, and so positive. I so dig androgynous hotness.


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LISTEN to the entire album

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READ more about Bigiano.

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On the album Shayo Master by Bigiano, which tracks do I like best? That's like asking me to pick my favourite Rufus song (I'll think about that sometime) , or my favourite Ella or Cole Porter...

After some hard work, I came up with YANGA. Just for now.
Well, actually I got an A-list:
Amen - funny song, Fela-inspired
Eniyan - I like that thing he does with his voice (e ma KPA mi ooo)
Won Serawon - It starts amazing and keeps up the dancehall vibe. Yoruba dancehall. Cool.
Shayo, Shayo remix, Shayo sax - That was "sax." good sax.

So you're wondering, where's the A+ list?
Besides Yanga - one of my favourite lines in the album "so you can suck ..., you wey no be up-and-coming." so assertive, the way he delivers that line.
there are also:
Eyin Temi - Just a happy little package. "pass me the lighter roll up the ganja make we smoke dey goooo, pass me the tumbler pour some tequila make shayo dey flooow" , but the rush of blood to the head really happens with the "oh boy i don..." interlude
Shayo VIDEO - the video's tight.
People Suffering - Best political message in a song yet. Play this before the 2011 elections in Naija. Some good Yoruba rhythms and motifs too. It's like, awesome.
It's Over - Why do I love this song? It's just soothing.
One and Only - rush of blood to the head at "make me glo..." interlude. i always sort of dance and imagine some Habibi is behind me in that moment. So sweet.

Before I write my B list, remember how much I love this album. Maybe later they'll be on my A-list, but for now...
No Lele - Ladies must love this one. Wait a minute...
Going Home, Going Home acapella - Haven't ministered to me personally yet.
Come Back - It's OK. Not that inspired, not feeling it yet. It works for the dancehall though.
True Story - Good. But yanga is a more amazing way of saying the same thing.
Iwofa - the Yoruba seems deep so I can't interpret it yet. Seems like a deep song. Will get to it soon. Great line "carry your problem go meet Babalawo o.

So that was my take on Bigiano's Shayo Master.

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and a good review of Shayo Master over at