Monday, March 08, 2010



Proud to be a Bez groupie
As in happy. The other night I woke up to hear Zuciya Daya on the radio. It made me feel perfetto. As in happy. The radio presenter predicts a grammy for the artiste Bez. I'm like "dude, will you even wait for the guy's second single to be released before you start talking Grammies?" If the second single is Stop Pretending, then yeah, it's all over. It's possible of course he has even sweeter songs coming out of the studio.

Rufus and Jeff
Rufus lost his mum, the poor baby. Jeff Buckley's music could go on Broadway in some sort of Romeo and Juliet adaptation. Meanwhile, Rufus tours as usual, his opera - Prima Donna - goes to London next month; and there's an album out in a couple of weeks, so I wait I wait I wait. The album is titled All Days Are Nights: songs for Lulu. Rufus, majnoon anta. Crazy boy. Why am I obsessed with death by drowning? In my imagery it's usually in old age, not at my age like Jeff Buckley.

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