Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visually Speaking


Most of Tolu Aliki's paintings are just my taste. A few of Rom Isichei's too (but I can't find the ones I love so - split faces, split female figures... these represent Rom to me)
Tolu Aliki on Saatchi Gallery
Tolu Aliki's website

Rom Isichei's website

I'm going over to meet a painter named Ben Osaghae tomorrow. Excited. He works in intense monotone pure colours with almost-violently-rough sketches drawn in. Not my taste, but fascinating, confident work of high quality.

What do/would you buy, in terms of wall hangings? My first ever was a cheap copy of Manet's "Artist Garden." I bought it in Georgetown (DC area) and hauled it on the bus to my RA room/apartment at Howard, along with a proper giant frame. I loved this painting - I would stare at it and be transported to that loveseat in the garden. What a sentimentalist! I was really into green and pink (or green and red.)


t said...

I met the artist - Osaghae. Couple of things: was sorrounded by his work, and I was comfortable this time. I'd come to feel at peace in this unusual colour regime. As for the artist, I was very much at ease and enjoyed the time mucho. From start, he's given the impression (through his work) of being very developed - an expert really. OK so it was fun. Worth it.

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................