Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rapping in Yoruba - DaGrin

I love his album C.E.O. "aimoye many coloured t-shirts but one red shoe."..."but mo wa determined, mo si wa focused, tori bee loruko mi se spread bi staphylococcus" hehehe..."and my favourite"...nkan ti o n wonder mi, ki lon shake nibe, ki l'awon guys n rush fun, ki n'won fe take ni be?" hehehe.

In other Naija music news, NNEKA is doing Lilith Fair. Go girl.


t said...

Let me translate:
- many-a-time with so many coloured t-shirts but one red shoe (speaking of poverty)
- but I was determined and focused, this is why my fame spread like Staphylococcus.
- (about big behinds) what i'm curious about, what makes it shake? why are the guys rushing, what do they want to take there?

Anyway, the country is annoying as ever, but the art is booming.

t said...

I changed the video, in the one I put up before the audio was mistimed to the video.

t said...

Aaand he's gone.
DaGrin died in hospital after a car accident that put him in a coma.
Just like that.

But we'll never forget him.
He gave many youths their own "Nigerian Dream." We'll be quoting his lyrics for years to come. Like we quote Fela forever.

He had just recorded "If I Die."

Gidan Nodza said...

*sigh* He will certainly be missed...he would have so blown this year and just when people started paying attention, life is so not fair!!!

t said...

LYRICS: GHETTO DREAMS by DaGrin featuring Sossick.

Sometimes when I sleep and I'm dreaming men I just don't wanna wake up
I realize that I'm married to the game and me and my bitch'll never break up
I put it down for the ghetto
been that way from the get-go
and I wonder...
and I wonder...

Verse One:
Aimoye igba ti mo dide ti mo ti subu // aimoye eebu ti won ti pe mi loloriibu // aimoye clubbing ti mio le afford one Red Bull // aimoye many coloured t-shirt but one red shoe // aimoye aje, aimoye oso // aimoye many time ti mo play free show // aimoye igba tawon eeyan ti ni ki mo lo give up // won ni mo local, won lona mi o nse hip hop // but mo wa determined mo de wa focused // tori e loruko mi se spread bi staphylococcus // aimoye yawa, and aimoye insults // aimoye je concoction without no salt // aimoye ala ti mo la pe mo di celebrity // ti mba ji, maa tun bere hustle loju titi // it's a pity, ijo wo ni mo fe ra Infinity? // or Amanda ti mba ni ke wa wo ara ti mo nda
Verse Two:
Mo ni dream lati fi Ajah se residence // mo ni dream lati di Nigerian president // owo ti awon president nje lo encourage mi // epe ti awon eeyan nse fun won lo discourage mi. mo ni dream lati di pastor or woli // but everytime ni mo nmu sepe mo de nfa kpoli // mo ni dream lati believe bi Pastor Chris // but mo wa carried away pelu effizy Ludacris. // mo ni dream lati mo'we bi Wole Soyinka // but problem ti mo ni : awon sisi yi mi ka // mo ni dream lati lo school, ki ndi professor // but owo lo dami duro bi bus ti awon ero fe so // mo ni dream lati play ball bii Kaka // boya to ba d'ola won le sign mi si Barca // but every time ti m ba ni training won ni won ndawo kaka // but oro mi nigbayen apo mi o tii daka ...(Chorus)...

RIP Da Grin. Loved, Missed, ever.

t said...

corrections so far:
- aimoye BOO ti won ti pe mi loloriibu.
- it's a pity ijo wo ni mo fe ra INFINITI? .

Still need help correcting:
- Amanda? Amanda? what's that?
- "ndawo kaka" what's kaka?
- "apo mi o tii daka" what's daka? Thanks, experts, for your help.

t said...

From Idi-Nla (Track 11 off the CEO album) :

omo mo like booty yen ganan, menn, mo fe fi se office,
t'o ba ro iro mefa, omo mo si maa notice,
se you hear the boy, to ba mo bi mo se ko e je,
to ba je mo ni booty, mo maa sin e je,

se o fi jo Mummy ni, abi ti Mummy naa kuun?
they know i love the booty, so they call me Ekun,
i see a lot of booty, but ti e yato,
ti mo ba dele mi, mo maa fi e pa'tan.

Ko need ki a negotiate, ki nto wo'le penetrate,
but eye ti m'maa fun o, mo mo pe o maa appreciate,
omo ele kini ti o nyi yii pooo,
se ko le jabo - o sure pe o soo poooo!

o o mo nkan to n wonder mi, ki lo n shake ni be?
ki l'awon boys n rush fun? ki n'won fe take ni be?
mo ti sample kini yii, ko si nnkan ti mo le fi we,
bo ba de mu mi lo le : ass take-away!

Baby Girl, ______ idi nla,
the way you dey swing am, omo aya mi nja, omo aya mi nja...

... omo aya mi n ja, omo aya mi nja, you dey make me wonder! (Lala + DaGrin)

(DaGrin the Scientist looool on Idi Nla )

Alright, I'm out. Later. Give me the rest of the lyrics.

t said...

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