Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Friends I just met


The Wayfarer is a nice blog by a friend I just met.

I've been on a socializing blitz since at least Tuesday. Considering I like never go anywhere, this was a great effort. My parents are probably happy their recluse child chose to leave the house :) Olakunle, I even "met someone."

Let's see:
Monday - wrote a training manual and got very tired.
Tuesday - finished The Abyssinian Boy in an upstairs classroom in Unilag with a fresh fragrant forest breeze. Then hung out with "my children" at Creative Arts. Then to Taruwa, a poetry/live music gathering, where I actually first met Seun2 who gave a couple of us a ride home, lest I forget. Taruwa is nice. Bi-weekly. Hosted by Bez, a gifted musician and one of my favourite.
Wednesday - NLI Notes2Note launched, then I caught a movie, ran into Seun-in-a-suit, another movie, then followed him to his church fellowship where I met Seun2 who writes The Wayfarer. It was too cold so I waited outside like one witch.
Thursday - went to watch High School Musical (theater performed for Children's Day for rich kids, one of my children played a lead role otherwise I have no business with HSM) after work. It started hours late.
Friday - Met The Onyeka I Adore - that was a treat, and then went to this awesome Nigerian Leadership Initiative seminar as a visitor.
Saturday - nice lunch then the Farafina Writers shindig that had Seun Kuti and then to the dinner for the NLI seminar where people stayed up talking till 3am. See brilliance.
Sunday - chilled.
Monday - a holiday so to the movies with the "met someone" who revealed at the end of the evening that he was born in 1988. Great dramedy, you should have been there.


Dee said...

Yikes! 1988...LOL!
But I'm glad you are making it out and about. We should catch up at some point

t said...

Hey dear, we have to catch up. And I'm not travelling this summer anymore it seems. But soon after...