Monday, October 25, 2010

Flower Seller


I'm reading Capital, by Karl Marx.
Diego Rivera's paintings seem to fit the theme of exploitation of labour that so consumed Marx.

In the middle of this, I got to attend (and be on a panel at) the Nigerian Economic Summit. Let's just say it's about time truth gave corruption a knockout punch.


Erik Donald France said...

I'm guessing that was an interesting discussion. . .

Diego Rivera adorns the DIA in Detroit, and endures, which is actually lucky considering the opposition.

I paid a visit to Marx's London memorial . . . and Freud's office.

Beauty said...

Rediscovered this great blog via another link. On your reading Capital. May I recommend: "So, when you strip away the Marxist-Leninism, the Soviet era and later Marxist theory, who was Karl Marx? Where does he stand in the history of philosophy? He wrote in his Theses on Feuerbach, "Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point, however, is to change it" - which begs the question, is he really a philosopher at all?" Here Best wishes

t said...

Thank you.
What's new in Nigeria? :) :D