Wednesday, December 01, 2010



No, I'm not taking photographs,
but check these out from The Dustbin Estate Story at

I commented,
"these photographs are a
mazing, and I envision using pictures of real people and places – the riverine shanties, the dustbin estates, the pans of sand carried all day till the men are hunched like Quasimodo, and the guys and girls that work solid rock with their hoes in the name of agriculture, etc – for decoration in the government offices in Abuja...

"Currently they prefer “art” that further insulates them from the country. Let’s keep it real. Calling our photographers: our TY Bello and our Yinka Obebe, our Elechi Amadi-Obi and our Sinem Bilem-Onabanjo, our you and our me, to make a gift of true Nigerian photographs of the highest quality (gift or contract, na you sabi) to the State Houses of Assembly, the Courts, the Presidency, the Government Houses, the Central Mosque, the Senate, the Money church, … lest they forget that some people have got toooo little from this Union called Nigeria and we/they need to be inspired by their suffering."