Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day


Bedroom Art.
Try to guess what I was thinking when I made it?

Bedroom Art: Valentine's Day


somtindey said...

ermmm errmmmm... someone at your door about to knock?.. ( and with gifts you hope!):D

Alligator Legs said...

hi t, love the bedroom art! so nice chatting with you at terra kulture. i'm back in new york and it's freezing! let's keep in touch. peace, iquo. :)

fairygodsister said...

Are you imagining something dropping into the room (that's from the first uncolored picture)
From the colored, it seems like there's someone trying to get through a door (either out of the box or into some other place not depicted)...
Nice (Whether I am right or not)!!!! I like the fact that it made me think!

t said...

Thanks. My facebook friends simply answered "Rafa." Not exactly...blush.

I was thinking "separation" overlaid on some kind of male-female "relationship." Probably drew this after checking out the bedroom walls of Sting and Trudy.

I don't remember if I chose this page of my poetry manuscript to match the theme, or if it's coincidence that the words "Stupid monogamy" from my "Pollyanna" appear on the chosen page.

In the coloured version, made 16months later on Valentine's day, I whitewashed the words that admit any tension, let's look at our love through rose-coloured glasses.