Saturday, May 14, 2011

What are you reading?


I'm reading Great Scientists, a "children's book" by Victoria Sherrow. Bought this one years ago as a gift to my sisters, learning a lot these days reading its biographies of Pauling and Einstein, Oppenheimer and Fermi, Compton and Goddard, and a couple of biology researchers named Thomas Hunt Morgan and James Dewey Watson.
No chics on this list.
No chics on the list of Nigerian governors either.

On Thursday, I attended this year's speech and prize-giving ceremony at my alma-mater, Queen's College. Those students are the females who will someday make those lists.

What was special too, was that I live-blogged the event for my classmates. A summary will appear in the paper soon (Update: read online).


Erik Donald France said...

Nifty-fifty! More women should, of course, be added into the mix from around the world.

t said...

The link disappeared because the news site died years ago. Here is the article anyway, and here is the speech I gave at Queen's.