Sunday, July 03, 2011

One dumb thing about science


how is research? I got released from
Caltech recently (changed from
sabbatical to separated) but when I'm
ready got to get back to science. That
said, glad I left. The dumbest thing
about science is how small the audience
is. Why not speak / write to be
understood? Why not enter policy
decisions on occasion? Why not derive
which problems to solve from nature and
society? I mean, the exercises are very
useful, the edifices of theory, very
beautiful even, but if you ever feel
hungry for a change of diet, go for it, I
promise it will aid your science. (And
that ends my sermon lol)

- From a message I just sent to one of the physicists in my life.

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Alligator Legs said...

@t: did i ever mention i was a biology major undergrad? this is exactly how i feel/felt! :)