Sunday, August 07, 2011



2008 - I drew this layout for an academy. It would be a child's garden...a really swanky village for three types of geeks: Olympiad Prep - Math, other Science, Chess; Sports - Tennis, Football (especially female), synchro; Verbal - Journalism, Languages, Theater.

Then I started a blog and webpage (now empty) for it, and also had extended planning chats (password protected) with a couple of friends: one friend is an engineering prof who runs a very simple charity/scholarship program, the other a wise and fun UN worker/administrator. I should go and read the chats now, we had lots of cool ideas.

2011 - Still a lot to do before this is real. Maybe 10 years from now. Maybe 5. I guess I'll need a little money.

Pay attention to the buildings, all the styles, from all the places I love: Sana'ani earth-brick towers, Spanish balconies on The Mallorca, East Asian roofs on The Kyoto, a Vegas-inspired theater, and I love the solar-panel-as-pattern on the icy-blue igloo. Tiger Woods is in the picture too.

This is synchronized swimming


- I love music, but there's no music on the list. Oh well. I must have felt unqualified to include it.

- Interesting that I loved (or valued) journalism long before I worked with journalists.

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