Monday, December 05, 2011

I AM Tiger Woods

Back in the day at Howard, some HU upperclassman who looked like Tiger Woods liked to wear a T-shirt that had Tiger's face on it and the words: I am Tiger Woods.  I had a crush on both brothas.  (Except that in those days, Tiger wasn't a brotha yet, he was Cablinasian.  The Howard guy, I think his name was Michael, had a stupendously hawt girlfriend.)  Nowadays you look at the same face and say, dude, Tiger, you're a sleazeball.  Then again, it's healthier to be out as a sleazeball than to be the constipated, poster-boy for hole-in-one "accenture" performance. 
 Anyway, Tiger Woods finally won a title, after two years of huddling with the golf mortals. 
Today I decided to play the golf game on my "vintage" Nokia cellphone.  I had a good feeling, and guess what happened?  I played only one bogey (hole 14, usually really easy, my concentration just slipped), and ended up at 7 under par (62 total.)  Before this, my best ever was 68 (-1).  My other top-five best scores - in three years of playing this game - 69, 70, 70. 
It's a beautiful day. 
Next up, I have to reach the end of the Word Mole game. 


Muse Origins said...

He's slowly making a comeback, which is cool

Muse Origins
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Nigeria Business Directory said...

I believe that Tiger Woods is a born champion in the golfing sport. He will surely come back.

t said...

and in other sporting news, I got through Winter in Word Mole, only to find that the seasons continue. I thought the game would end after those four seasons - bummer.

t said...

But I reached the end in a sense, since there is no end.

t said...

Just changed phones from my 4,5 year old Nokia slide that had golf on it, to a Nokia smartphone that has the ancient arcade game Chuzzle on it.

I have played so much Chuzzle I'm exhausted. I learned to play the Mindbender very well now, maybe someday I'll tell you how to play mindbender on my math and games blog. And now that I'll a Chuzzle goddess, maybe I can attempt a Rubik's cube.

t said...

What I called a smartphone in 2013, it absolutely does not qualify even two years ago.
I still use that phone, and a smartphone (Android, my second smart-smartphone after using a large Nokia/Microsoft windows phone that died six months ago). The old phones die far more slowly, the new phones are in transition/in development. But So Popular, these androids/iphones.