Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ekiti no dey carry last

One time before, Nigeria gofment wan do Seven-Point Agenda.  E tay small, e come be like say the agenda too much for dem, na im some people come yarn say make oga Presido try finish even one point.  No be there we tanda till today?  Sha, make we leave that matter.

For Ekiti State, na Eight-Point agenda the government carry come since October 2010 wen dem enter.   The governor Kayode Fayemi try; sotay Leadership Newspaper give am title say im be Best Governor wey dey for Nigeria.
The governor im wife
Na on top all dis happy-happy one progress club wey dem dey call Ekitiparapo talk say make all dem people come chop rice for Lagos City Hall.  Na dis Saturday wey just pass; me sef carry fine dress go checkirrout.  Hmm.  You don see where Senior Advocate SAN full ground like sand-sand?  I say even the gofnor sef get PhD wey im don carry write book about one kind social studies matter.  Ekiti people too sabi book abeg.

The part wey sweet pass inside the whole Ekiti Day: after item-seven pounded yam, dem call some ogbonge people make dem come collect award.  As dem call Papa Victor Olaiya, na im him carry trumpet come dey sing dey entertain everybody.  Abi you no know im song?  Na im sing Omo Pupa o.  Im sing for 1960 independence time sef.  Na betta man im be. 

Small time dem call Oga Jimoh Aliu make im come collect im own.  As im dey jollificate for on top stage, wallahi we just see Fadeyi Oloro - that number one badoski guy for Yoruba film - the guy just carry im blackface and plenty jazz come bad belle am.  But im come relax remember say na the theater guru be im creator sef, so im must bow.  Anyway, na so all of us sha see free show watch sha.

If you see the MC of the day sef, nothing do am.  Im just carry one kin cap put for head wey get wing like bird wey wan fly, im dey blow thick Ekiti grammatical go.  And you know say na many bigz girls and bigz boyses wey no hear common "wa/go" talk less of dialect.  No be some people see state motto wey be "Ilẹ Iyi, Ilẹ Eyẹ" (Correct Land of Honour) come carry ajebutter eye read say "Ile Yii, Ile Ẹyẹ" (dis one na bird house.)  Chai!  Na pesin wey no sabi road go village be dat.

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