Thursday, August 16, 2012

I love Rufus in the summer when it sizzles

Why oh why do I love Rufus?
My internet is fast - it's all relative, and 10 - 100 times faster than last month when I was a jangle of pissed-off-customer-nerves is pretty good.

Soooo I've got Rufus music.  I LOVE Out of The Game of course - it's Rufus! 
To be honest, it's only now I finally got the entire Lulu album too.  

Could this be the end of internet-poverty in my corner of the 3rd world?  Oh yeah.


Nate Mamman said...

Who is your service provider? I do like Rufus Wainwright, though he isn't my all time favorite. That would be Radiohead.

t said...

I'm very very happy with visafone right now. About 1000kbps at the moment (6pm on a weekday).
I want to listen to Radiohead/Coldplay. Something tells me I'd like a lot.