Friday, October 12, 2012

Impressions, August 2001

What I thought grad school would be - Tosin Otitoju
The sketch shows my impressions six weeks before starting at Caltech in September '01, having visited in March/April: 
Lower left:
the professors in my department - Richard Murray, Jerry Marsden, and John Doyle.
Panning right: 
some quantum spin thingie.
The new kids - me, Shawn (the Texan) Shadden, Lun Li, and Lijun Chen.
The letters CDS.
A DNA double helix.
Me and some hottie.  A 20-year old girl could dream.
I'd heard grad school was all about pizza (but I got to 'Caltech and changed that culture, so we started getting healthy and quality free food).
Money - I was going to get some.
A ducted fan I had seen in a basement lab.
A differential equation.
A computer.
The Saguaros and breathtaking landscape I had seen out West.
Twin single cells (amoeba?) eating. A book. 

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