Sunday, March 31, 2013

God is in a good story

What if I found more "God" in watching Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame last night than in attending church service today?

One almost takes for granted the magic of animation, and of a good story loved and retold over the decades.  My now 20-year-old brother really loved it when you read his Quasimodos and Esmeraldas to him from his Hunchback picture book.  After Curious George, that must have been his favourite.

Now I'm watching The Hunchback Part II.  This long Easter weekend, I've also seen Pocahontas and the sequel.  12 movies for 200 Naira - I'll never get over that magic!

Meanwhile, it's Easter Sunday 2013 and I've finally visited one of the megachurches in my neighbourhood. Here's the report:
Big place, shiny and organized, good choir.  
People dancing so it's better than the night-club where sometimes folks just spend money hanging out and don't really dance.  
Outing got me thinking about the black church (USA) and in particular Howard University's Rankin Chapel and the Gospel Choir.  
Howard chapel - elevating. This church - uninteresting.  My mind wasn't there. 

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t said...

After which I watched Disney's Aladdin, then Aladdin Part Two. And capped off Easter Monday with two really fine films: Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and Donnie Brasco. Even I am jealous of me ;)