Friday, March 15, 2013

Iram's TEDxYouth@Caltech talk

By Iram Parveen Bilal, the director of Josh (Against the Grain).

She says:
0. Critics call me confused, I call myself well-rounded.
1. Find out who you are internally - the unique you.
2. Figure out the external world.
3. Putting yourself in "uncomfortable" situations helps you do these things: new experiences help you discover you, and travelling helps you know the world.
4. All this makes you a happier person that is more fitted to creating a happier world.  

I acted in her first demo/assignment of film school.  We really have to do something together again. 


Folarin Kolawole said...

My favourite line: "new experiences help you discover you, and traveling helps you know the world." nice one there.

t said...

:) Special girl/woman, that IPB.
I hope her movie makes it all the way out here.