Saturday, June 22, 2013

Simple beautiful phone redesign

As someone who really really can't stand the look of cell phones, I am so happy to see this: Speak into pinkie, listen by thumb. It's just an integration of the speakers and earpiece into a glove - so simple.  And if you try putting your hand to your cheek to talk you'll see what a brilliant and natural solution it is.
Why am I so excited?   I've felt really irritated about the look of cell phones from day one.  Present-day phones look like gadgets, tablets, rocks, and not like telephonic aids.  Classic phones, with their curves and knobs, are actually more appealing.  But this talk by hand phone, is just delish.  I LOVE IT.  I love it. 

On the market - buy now.
More "glove phone" pictures
Also a way of recycling old phones: The possibilities of gadget recycling have been explored by artist Sean Miles who has created gloves that double as a mobile phone. Using mobile components from handsets recycled through O2, Sean Miles’ “Talk to the Hand” project implants them into vintage Mui Mui and Pineider gloves...

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