Monday, July 01, 2013

When it comes to romance (advert)

When it comes to romance, I often miss the signs.   I mean, my mind is just not "there."  That's the truth.  A few events brought me to that conclusion. 

Story: I was just on facebook checking out an acquaintance who is now married.  Many years ago he was dating a mutual acquaintance, now his wife, and he was friendly with me.  I LIKE friends and friendship.  He got engaged, was drinking one day at a party, grabbed my butt in the hall - in a blink - did he or didn't he, got married, living happily ever after.  OMG there are cute kids and there are super cute kids.  They have the cutest kids, the whole is >> the sum of its parts.   It just occurred to me this morning, oh, he called.  He didn't have to call.  Plus the butt grab.  Oh ok.  So now I'm flattered.  Maybe I just made up this story to flatter myself. 

I've been called "very unromantic" before (cute) and (six years later) someone else said: Babe, how is it that you can write this mushy romantic stuff when you're not like that (very cute).  He actually read and liked my stuff.  I wrote at least one for him.  In those days, I did have some rhapsodies and raptures in verse. 
Some of them are newly published in Big Boy and Big Girl


t said...

A little unromantic poem from "Big Girl":


Status, someone said,
Is a loan from society.
In exchange for it,
They want more more more!

Status, the other said,
Is a feather in a cap;
An excuse to walk
On anyone you want.

Status is just a hat.
In the end, everybody farts.

- Tosin Otitoju

ope said...

lol! He did that AFTER HE WAS MARRIED??
Em...the 'I like friendship part' hink you are similar to someone i know. Are all smart girls like that?

t said...

Before he was married. You don't think you could do the same? Especially with the excuse of alcohol?

ope said...

Well, I dont know. I dont take alcohol

t said...