Thursday, May 29, 2014

This is what I like

My Jes-se.  A pos-se.
Perfect joy.

Asa, grim and powerful.
The world needs Asa like it once needed Sade.

I'll be back. 



t said...

The Search is one of my favourite tracks off Royal Niger Company (Jesse Jagz Nation Vol 2) one of my favourite albums. It's Jesse Jagz, with artistes named Jumar and Dugod featured. It's nice.
Here are Jesse Jagz lyrics,
and here is the entire Royal Niger Company album.

As for Asa, just get all her music. I assume this song, Dead Again, is a first single off her upcoming album. Meanwhile, there's her first album, Asa, which is surely one of Nigeria's five most influential albums of the last ten years. The, her Beautiful Imperfection, which in my view, is slightly more beautiful, as hard as it would seem to top that first one. Just trust me. Trust Asa. (In Nigeria, you can also buy some recordings of hers titled Down On Me. Bliss.)

t said...

Correction: Then, her Beautiful Imperfection,