Monday, October 20, 2014

Mars, Venus, and meaning.

Boys are funny.  
Girls be so serious.  
Saith I, in the silence of my room.  Woah, I am practically a philosopher, like Osisiye here.

Bob and Weave.
The little phrase 'bob and weave' wouldn't leave me, so I thought about what it means, it reminded me of boxing, which my father used to watch back in the eighties, and I pictured a skilled boxer bobbing and ducking then throwing punches alternately, the rhythm and the beauty of it, like dancing.
She's hot, Bob.
Then I thought that few people in Nigeria would connect bob and weave with sculpted boxer bodies :-/  The bob is obviously a hairstyle, and the weave is also a hair thing - women would know that.
And Bob is a name.  In America, not in Nigeria. 

A month ago, I was pondering essential properties of love, and beginning yet another amazing online course The Fiction Of Relationship, and near the middle of A Brief History of Humankind, and deciding that love had to mean one thing, because what a silly idea that this love thing must remain so irreducible, mean different things to different people, etc.
I re-emphasize the efficient sparseness of the definition I came up with up there, and I suggest that if you analyze it and test it, you would find that it is a definitive definition of this stubborn, previously nebulous concept called love.  Or not?

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t said...

Where did I hear 'Bob and Weave' then? Ah. Show Dem Camp. Tec in O.D. on The Subsidy (Clone Wars II) album. Words enter your subconscious that way.
My ear is tuned to 'bob-and-weave' now, woah. Now I heard it in Jesse Jagz's 2011 Las Gidi Grinding single.

t said...

As "The Fiction of Relationship" ends, I wish to share part of the closing email:
"Dear students,
We have come now to the conclusion of our reading for The Fiction of Relationship. All of us on staff hope that your exposure to these novels, to Professor Weinstein’s lectures, and to the discussion forum has invigorated, challenged—and perhaps changed—the way you think, read and write about life and literature. We believe great literature matters, and we hope our class has deepened your understanding of why it does."

t said...

another 'bob and weave' in Kendrick Lamar's 2014 song 'i'


she may be just a girl, but her bob and weave is Sugar Ray dangerous: Seyi Shay - Crazy

t said...

i'm learning from this class i'm taking, Positive Psychology on Coursera that love is
not lasting,
not unconditional, and
def. not exclusive.

This makes sense to me, my style.
For the instructor (Barbara Frederickson, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) love is characterized by what she calls Positivity Resonance, and her definition (Frederickson, 2013, in her book Love 2.0) is
"Love is an interpersonally situated experience marked by momentary increases in
- shared positive emotions,
- biobehavioral synchrony
- mutual care."

I'm learning.
It may be that the old (Hollywood romance) view is linked to sort of a monotheistic even Christian worldview, while the reviewed relaxed sense is more like the buddhist thing? In that sense, maybe it's not a right/wrong thing, just nice to see in context, to understand our assumptions, the larger context.

So far, in physics, light behaves like a wave and like a particle (depending). So also maybe love has a number of seemingly contradictory, yet valid forms? For now? For some?

I like my definition still. It's definitive and general. So is Prof. Frederickson's.

t said...

FOUR WORDS...pretty good.
Love is
the instinct for co-operation.
- moi (Otitoju, 2014)

t said...

Love is the instinct to co-operate. Love is the instinct for co-operation.

Using Google Translate bots:
(Sp) El amor es el instinto de cooperar.
(Sp) El amor es el instinto de cooperación.
(Fr) L'amour est l'instinct de coopérer.
(Fr) L'amour est l'instinct de coopération.

Help: Add languages. Correct the grammar.
Deeper: What is instinct? What is co-operation?

Dictionary/Google: an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli.
Wikipedia: the inherent inclination of a living organism towards a particular complex behaviour.
More: What is instinct?

Dictionary/Google: the process of working together to the same end. Wikipedia: the process of groups of organisms working or acting together for their common/mutual benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit.
More: What is co-operation?