Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Be a clown, be a clown, all the world loves a clown

Musician Falz is a complete idiot.  I can only aspire to such levels of, em, stupor

+ Day +One: In which I (tosinbird)
 track down Folarin, the Barrister Lawyer, aka Falz the Bahd Guy, on social media
 and proceed to make a fool of myself

#1 Storming instagram: In which I
1. cry and  cry
2. let those floozies know that I am Senior Teacher, his Legally Wedded Wife.

#2 Home alone: In which I
recruit Michelle Obama to watch over my precious hubby while they're working in the Arabian desert. 

#3 Couple's prayer
In which I pour out my heart regarding my needs -
  twins and the action required to get the twins,
  gifts like flight tickets and an iPhone-with-camera,
  and le good work, because h'am need it, hallelujah.

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t said...

there's quite a bit missing tho - stuff about kabiyesi in abule etc etc
hmmm, maybe instagram is crap

Sridhar Chandrasekaran said...

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t said...


Erik Donald France said...

Oh, yes :->

t said...

hahaha ;)

t said...

You want more? Yeah, you want more. I advise Falz to take down his "thot" photo because I'm jealous, and I threaten to take my ring off unless he gets me something befitting. He blocks me from posting further and so I take to twitter with:
I expose @falzthebahdguy can you beleive he even want to block me ?
@falzthebahdguy i already say i wuld hold my mouth fim. i wull just be looking him.
Folarin, that's your number 1 problems: YOU NEVER SHOWED CARING AND CONZIGN! @falzthebahdguy
Eye is paining me and only me went to d optimist. All my teats have almost remove. Nobody to escort me when in dentist. @falzthebahdguy
And yet I say I have husband. FOLARIN, YOU NEVER SHOW CONZIGN!!!! Yi iwa re pada. Show me a new leaf of you. @falzthebahdguy
6. … if you like block me in instagran, i am now in d twitter @falzthebahdguy :P