Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm Poe

Nigeria's very own.
Poe.  Africa's finest.  What - you don't like tall, dark, and handsome?  Ok, hear him on this utterly adorable track: ADORE HER.  Video coming soon, I bet. 

Eye candy gigs: He's in that music video for Awww, with Di'Ja ; and Marry Me, with Falz and Yemi Alade starring as the hilarious couple at Poe's wedding.
Then he's in his own videos, like New Era and Ko Ye Won.  What are the words to describe this rap style tho'?  Calmly confident?  Yeah, he's a Taurus kid alright.
We Taureans Rule!
The Lord has blessed me with bars 
but what he did with my patience?  I don't know.  
- in The Island (from the Icarus EP, long time ago)

He has this really smooth mellow vibe on mature tracks like Slow It Down and Feel Alright.  Call it Palm-wine music.  The dude real name Ladipo Eso, sometimes @Ladipoe online, is a poet, a bit like Edgar Allan hehehe. Besides music and flow, he also (apparently) loves the gym, the books, and healthcare.

He has a tiny bit of a naughty side "get in that Benz you Sexy Bitch"
but he's so smart and everything that your mother would completely approve of him,
or want him for herself ;)
No seriously.  He's like Madonna's next protégé or something.
They say abeg do this 
  say abeg do that 
Abeg, Guy, Fuck you!  I'm above all that.   
- in TOMORROW (TAP Season, coming soon)

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Erik Donald France said...

Ooh, this is a good heads up.

Two words keep coming up lately in various contexts -- "Poe" and "naughty."


t said...

as in shrimp po-boy, or as in nutty fruitcake? ;)

Erik Donald France said...

Haha. Who knows? As in Edogawa Ranpo's 'Black Lizard,' among other things . . . naughty artists . . .

t said...

i wouldn't eat that ;)
funny name :D magadonarudu.

t said...

About Poe? Let's Go Get It