Sunday, February 28, 2016

Back to back...HITS

I just watched Ordet (The Word) a 1955 Danish film by Carl Th. Dreyer.
1. I can't keep it to myself.
2. My life just changed: "if you had prayed to God, He would have answered your prayers."  Ah, true.  Ask, for a change, stoic one.  The answer is yes, really, only maybe sometimes the answer is not yes.  (a paragraph of personal stuff I just deleted.)

Now I really wish to see Rams.
And be a judge at Cannes or the Oscars or any large international film festival / awards programme.

Yesterday, I watched the zen film Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, ...and Spring.
Please, treat yourself to this film.  
Raise The Red Lantern, from the day before that, was also a complete masterpiece.

In very related news, I decided on the title for Novel #2 - it has changed a few times, but maybe this is the final one, the best one - cutting it down from a bevy of twelve main characters to just four.  That way less rambling, more story.  It will be short and verrry good.  And I'll do a rework of Three Sisters (Novel #1) too.
It's been many many years of thinking about these people, and I've not been writing, but hey, the book is practically reality.
I've been letting all these other works soak in and influence me and so it's really going to be something wonderful.  Yeah, I'm going to shit a pearl. 

There'll be many unused characters (and drafts) and they'll get recycled into short-stories and maybe one or two into novel #3.  Then no more novels hehehehe.  Just kidding, once you pop you can't stop.
Thank you for feedback on novel #1 so far, I need the feedback, I'll use it, so please send more.  Thanks again.

I've been swimming in muse-ic.  Jill Scott this morning.  India.Arie yesterday.  Madonna.  Great.  Great.  Great.  Lorde.  I want my writing to feel like the Lorde album - heady, pure.  Guess what the Lorde album is called?  Pure Heroine.  Did I just describe it as heady and pure!?  Hey, Cannes?  The ghost of Roger Ebert says...Tosin's really good at this. 

Great films too: you want to see what I've been watching?  HERE.  It's hard to keep these things to myself.  Boring books, I'm reading a Jane Austen-y novel titled The Third Sister, by Julia Barrett.  It's clever, it's slim, it's not going very fast.  If you want to see what else I've been reading - go here.

Also going slow slow slow - anything on Coursera, math-for-myself, Arabic and the languages I want to learn.

No job starting next week, maybe for a couple of months.  Colleague says I'm actually going on maternity leave, pregnant with a book.  Maybe I'll write one chapter of it, more likely I'll write close to ten chapters.  Then start a job again somewhere gorgeous.  Awh, I'm going to miss my kids.

Did you ever see Avenue Q?  You absolutely have to listen to the audio.  And you have to listen to the award-winning audio for Hamilton, the Broadway musical too.  And tell me which other musical-theater audio I have to get, please, because three shows are better than two.

These things are amazing.  They are simply at the pinnacle and that's the best water from which to drink.
Advertisement: Read my books. 
###Three Sisters, novel #1 here###

Bonus films:
Sometimes the reviewers don't know what they're talking about: these products were really great experiences for me - Home (2015 animated film and soundtrack album with Rihanna) and We Are Your Friends (2015 DJ-music-culture film), ignore the poor reviews.


t said...

Wadjda, is another perfect film. Except for that cheesy unveil at the end maybe.

Before that I saw Theeb, really good, a lot like Timbuctu from last year, a bit like Babel from a decade ago.

I saw a couple of Oscar nominees too, but they're too 'Western' to stand out, considering I've seen hundreds of American/European movies, right?
- 45years was old British people in a happy 45-year-old marriage. Good film. Old marriage is madness. Sorry.
- Joy was a gritty blonde girl who learned how to sell her inventions on TV. So now even if you're not very rich or not male you can believe that power and money can happen to you too.

t said...

No electricity for a week, roughly Saturday to Saturday.

I watched six (seven, if you count Inside Out which I'd seen before) goood movies this long weekend.
Woody Allen's
Blue Jasmine,
Celebrity, and
Deconstructing Harry;
plus a trio of aflaam arabiya (the plural of film is aflaam :) , that's funny, right? )
Cairo Time,
Beirut Hotel, and
I think I'm ready for this week hehe.

My first novel is like Cairo Time in parts - slow sultry tense-though-actionless .
I've got to find the filmmaker...
It's amazing how with the ones you really love, you sometimes do the same things, use the same words, start to wonder if you copied them but no you didn't just the same angels spoke to you...

t said...

I've seen Rams. I've seen Rams. I like it. It delivered what I hoped and expected.