Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Of Birds and Bees

Ju: I want a little baby too…everybody I know has one. 
Po: Ask your mummy. 

Ju: Mummy, why do you always say no babies? 
Mo: (Keeps ironing shirts.)

Ju: If you don’t want to do it, I’ll have a baby myself. 
Po: Uh oh.  How do you plan to do that? 

Ju: (Hands Po the phone.)  Now, help me write it in the search place. 
Po: Write what?  “Where do babies come from?” 

Ju: Yes.  How to get a baby. 
Po: Oookay.  Google…search…pornography...ah, here: March of the Penguins.  I think this film will tell us.  Should we put it on the big screen?  Join us, Mummy, and we can make an egg after. 

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