Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tips for old people at concerts

I had fun at GidiCulture yesterday.
Basically I love the outdoors and I'm always indoors, so it was fantastic and chill to be out on the beachsand doing nothing.  People-watching.  

Then the main event started
and this hyperactive em-cee and his 500 minions decided to kick me out: in their bid to get the place more, urr, pumping (oh God why do people say turnt turnt turnt) they turned up the volume till iii was vibrating.
I stepped back and back and back till I was out on the street. :D
The end.

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If you're old like me, the way to handle these things is:
  • Go early, maybe a few hours early, and leave when it gets noisy i.e. when the main event starts?   
  • Afterwards, definitely bitch and complain (call your friendly radio station, start a letter-writing campaign...o right, they have email now - do that too) so that the concert world will change to accommodate the needs of the sane and still-hearing in society.

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