Thursday, August 25, 2016


To Pimp A Butterfly is, was, and remains forever excellent, excellent.  
We're still celebrating.

I'm also watching British comedy from 1980s NTA (Nigerian Television)
Every episode of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (Frank Spencer) and Fawlty Towers.
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It's the worldwide Frank Ocean festival this week and probably next week too.  It's beautiful how through his music, we have had to slow down.  Not consume-and-dump, not analyse, speculate, hail, or rant, but
just let some music play in the background of life;
just work or chill or build a frigging staircase to nowhere (or in my home these days, learn about mold allergies and bedbug infestation)
and let music do its thing.


t said...

first reaction to Frank Ocean's Channel Orange by BigQuint Indeed. Also see his full first reaction to Kendrick Lamar's Butterfly album. Hilarious. Fantastic. He gets it. Wonderful.

t said...

"Delusional parasitosis" definitely some of that is happening. But I also saw a couple of bedbugs, the sofa has a strange moldy smell, I see the black patches that are said to be from their waste / shedding, and strange bites + definite interest in blood. Place is getting treated today for that.

I think about it, maybe it's been a while since I first noticed something different - with my laundry and sleep both here and at my parents', but only this week did I notice more distinct signs of insect palaver. Ah well. What is life without a little stress on occasion? I'll soon forget it happened.

I thank God I don't have mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the worst.

t said...

I just saw another one. It was little, maybe 3mm long, but an adult and it was dead, just hanging on the surface of their couch home. I have to wonder what killed it and I have to try not to be unduly irritated by the whole thing. It'll be nice when all this is nuked and gone.

t said...

Part A:
The spraying didn't happen till Sunday. I got back in on Wednesday the last day of August. Cleaned like a maniac and tried to air out the place to reduce the smell of fumigation. Dude, that night was rough, and the next, and the next, and I can't believe I'm still here, because it's another Wednesday today (10 days after) and even last night I thought I might die from the residual fumigation. I was really sure it was some sort of nerve gas, that I was bleeding internally and developing cancer. Dying slowly and what a shame because this shouldn't happen to educated people who should know a bit about petrochemical compounds and poisons.

So guess what, by this afternoon, the smell of the chemicals was pretty light or disappeared (it has this sneaky way of reappearing when I'm sleeping, to just fill my lungs my tongue and everywhere with this bitter acridity) and instead of the gas smell, what I noticed was the smell,
that smell,
the bedbug smell arose again from the couch. I was itchy, had briefly got itchy before this maybe yesterday, I was allergic, and it wasn't just to fumigation this time. The bedbugs were back!
Oh no!
I doused a baby wipe with straight dettol antiseptic and started to wipe the couch. A few moments into the wipe-down I saw a bedbug obviously smoked out of its home.
Oh no.

Confirms what I read before - don't bother fumigating. They don't care. The won't die. Confirms what I knew before fumigating when I had sprayed a bedbug with regular insect spray, and witnessed it swimming in the poison, seemingly not bothered.

So the couch has to go, I decided. I'm irritated and itchy as I type this. So we got the couch out, me and a neighbour's kid. Then I heard the neighbours have bedbugs. Didn't use to have them but within the past year or so definitely, they said.
And they repeated what I'd been told before that losing the couch won't do the trick because they'll be in the bed and everywhere. And there must not be many in the couch anyway. So I said no, you need to smell the couch. It's just one spot that smells like I don't know just makes you want to puke, hard to smell it but you put your nose to it and it's there.
They said well you'll just pick up more bedbugs here because it's rainy season and they have conventions out here. But nope, I have faith, and I'm willing to lose the couch.
Then they did the scan for bedbugs - swept their fingers through the junction area between the seat and back of the couch.
Looked in the deep crease of the couch back, no bugs though of course it still has the black streaks, the bedbug waste stains.
I love living here. I have neighbours who care. They weighed in on the matter, listened to my sob story, wondered if I would really be rid of the things, if my other neighbour would not be annoyed that the couch was near his apartment, if someone would not steal the couch...

Then someone checked a seam running down the foot of the couch and sure enough, two happy bedbugs. That's three, just today, the most I've ever found, actually, in my life.

Neighbours say they are an issue, even outdoors, like they just hang out in a colony.

t said...

Part B:

I'm still thinking,
did I get them from my neighbours' visit a few weeks ago, they were not here up to an hour though...
or did I get them from my parents' place? Everybody would deny, oh no, we don't have bedbugs but I feel like they had some sort of activity over a month (maybe close to two months) ago in what used to be my favourite cushy couch that was very irritating when I sat in it, what I now recognize as that fluffy itchy but more than itchy wooly filthy feeling. That definitely happened. I remember changing my clothes more.
And they have more than one dog, including one that has lots of rasta hair and goes everywhere including in people's beds and outdoors and definitely the couch. Now you know that irritates me and I'm not big on the dog-in-the-home revolution, very backward of me I know, but I checked online and they said no, dogs don't harbour bedbugs or rather bedbugs like human blood so no, don't blame the poor dog. The thing is I don't trust the Americans or whoever writing these things because what else do you expect dog lovers to write? They mention that dogs can be trained to sniff out bedbugs, but at this point, I'm as good as a bedbug detector - that smell!

If you're judging me, that only shows that you're human. It's gross to think about bedbugs. They're like lice that live in your couch lol. But the internet says they're not hygiene-related. They just need blood, need to reproduce, and have evolved to hang out near where humans sleep.

I'm going to pray.
Bedbugs and Inflation. I think those are the two main things I have to worry about in this life right now. I'ma just pray.

Bedbugs give me this allergic filthy feeling, not just from the bites of the bedbugs, from invisible bedbug-related stuff, possibly eggs.
If you have bedbugs, don't bother fumigating. I understand the only real things that kill them off are 1. heat and 2. suffocation.
Fumigation is very bad for your health and not bad for bedbug health.
I'm sunning the couch though it's not very sunny out and it is rainy even so I don't expect good results. I do hope the rest of the apartment stays bedbug free. That's silly - the clothes have bedbug bits on them already. I put on this outfit only maybe three hours ago and I'm itchy already.
I'm praying too because I can't deal.


t said...

I found something very tiny and red-orange, very tiny like smaller than the 1mm length they say bedbug EGGS have. Whatever it is, it's had a meal.

I have a plan, sort of. HERE

With the couch out in the "sun", the next homebase is the clothes I've been stashing. They're all going in a dryer for some hardcore anti-bedbug action.

Backup plan: Buy Talcum Powder and Neem Oil (whatever that is, if I can find it) . Pray they go away completely.
The brushing is sorta normal cleaning, yeah. Trust me, when you have bedbugs you're always cleaning something. Good to know that physically reducing their (egg, baby) numbers works.

Tosin said...

Are you as excited about my bedbugs as I am? Yippee! Here's a detailed update.
After all the writing up here, I woke up groggy the next day (yesterday) all-round unhappy, and partly because I needed more sleep. By afternoon, took off for my parents' with laundry, to be honest they were darling about it, because I half expected them to turn me out or something.
More about the morning: lay on the floor and probably picked up some bad particles. Friend recommended this powder thing over the phone so I went out to get that and medicated dusting powder and feel sad and cry lol, I really did. Got some food and chats in before like I said migrating to the parents'. Kept clothes away from laundry area waiting for electricity. Started the laundry really late and still working on it now and tomorrow. Hate that stuff hope this never happens again. I also had to iron because the beddings - one of the sheets at least - were bugging me like crawl crawl tickle itch. Friend suggested ironing so I ironed everything on the bed (pillow included ) and even the carpet. Poor ironing job cos I hate ironing don't iron can't bear the boredom...anyway that and two showers and a clothing change helped me get to sleep level.
While buying the powder and stuff I caught an orange bug on my neck. My first encounter with a baby bedbug, unless by some mean coincidence...
By evening too, after friend had explained to me what the eggs were like and really I was sure I hadn't come across such, but found by evening something that completely fit the description...While I was showering. So I now knew about eggs...more in a sec

Tosin said...

Before ironing the bed and all I found two more eggs but smaller than the first, like specks of dust but white almost fluorescing like alum...
By today I discovered that those itchy eggs matched the little antibiotic crystals in the wash gel I used lool. So maybe I'm just allergic to many things. This evening I'm feeling an almost-itch coming on but will ignore
But the bedbugs were real. The orange thing on my neck at the market was like the same colour as the little orange ball i'd seen the previous night..which was either an egg but with a drink of blood in it OR a broken off half of a young baby bug . Or who knows maybe with the fumigation that was some other struggling insect altogether. Termites? I don't know what they look like . I'll do a double-check with the photos of bedbugs online.

So I think I had a very mild bedbug infestation - a total of like six bugs found and three bites and a horrible mysterious scratch on the bum - with a major allergy to their presence and eggs. Somehow the allergen would be or get in my bed and in clothes and start to bother within an hour of my contact with each. When the itching occured in the bed it didn't go away and I had to change the sheets that day or next to have peace. Clothes too showed a buildup effect, if i experienced itching in some clothes I would then get more itching from rewearing the same clothes than from fresh clothes.
I already had this fuzzy clothes and furniture issue on a few occasions , weeks before identifying bedbugs, so it's not just made up, I think.
For the laundry I've been doing a steam cycle (wet the clothes then dry) followed by the actual wash then dry. It's a bit more complicated than doing laundry in America...but oh well.
I'll probably borrow a steam iron to attack whatever crops up at my place. To be honest it could use a vacuum and steam clean. We shall overcome. My mum said no carpet is the best policy , but carpet means a lot to me. Hate no carpet soo much.

I feel much better today, happy days that follow sad ones. ��
Notice how I'm becoming a natural science explorer with this experience? ��

t said...

Another approach is to chill out.
Think about it: they're just insects. They're not causing any important disease that we know of. The biggest effect is psychological - imagining that they're crawling, afraid that they're lurking, angry that they're biting, unhappy if you're disseminating, ashamed that you're affiliated with...these illustrious hardy little creatures.
Sofa's out there, I'ma let it get sun, rain, and whatever else and possibly never bring it back in.
I'ma hope that there's no more in the house anywhere but you know what, if there are, now that I've been through it before I won't be alarmed.
Meanwhile this has inspired me to get some more wardrobe space (long story) , to make better friends with my people around here, to appreciate this space afresh, to consider maybe getting a new couch or a new relationship with the old couch, to consider rearranging the space (I love doing that, reenergizes you when your space feels new); I got to hang out with my family for a bit longer than I would have, to talk with people about this stuff, to read and learn about bedbugs and actually hold one in my hand, to write essentially this cool and stupid essay in ten parts - you're reading it right now, to learn about my brain and how IMAGINATION is an amazing thing, ...

t said...

More quick notes:
Two comments up, the ?? are smileys - I was using someone's phone.
A few comments up, the babybug thing was not a bedbug at all. Maybe it was an ant.
And you already know that the eggs were not eggs but balls of anti-this-and-that from my soap.
At least some of my allergies were probably from excessive chemical use - I'm ashamed to admit that I rubbed myself down with a little dettol and water (half-and-half) once, bathed probably too much for my own good, and as for the fumigation, I would never do that again. You know I left the house again Thursday Sept 8 nearly two weeks after the initial fumigation and for the next two-three days I was still excreting fumigant, not so much all over my skin anymore but definitely on my nose (my darling nose helps me get rid of poisons fast, why I love it, why it had so many pimples back in the day...kisses, Nose!) and in my mouth. And I think when you've had an experience like that - too much antibiotics, or too much poison your body's been managing for a while, etc, I think I become hypersensitive. Probably why I was itching. May I snatch back some dignity here...while I felt itching sensations, I wasn't necessarily scratching.

Spare a thought for Hillary Clinton. She's running for President and wants to maintain a tough image, but today she has pneumonia and has to be in hospital.

Hugs to anyone freaking out out there. Breathe.
And if you search online for stress, hypervigilance, insomnia, and other psychological symptoms related to bedbugs, wow, you'll find you're NOT CRAZY.

t said...

I smell bedbugs. I'm lying in my bed. There had better not be...

This morning I smelled bedbugs in a rolled up curtain so I treated the curtain to boiling water.

Both have been faint smells, but's supposed to be a zero-bug policy. Couch is to be treated and returned next week-ish. We'll see how that goes.

t said...

I can now delete this sticky note from my laptop/desktop

" Bedbug help: Pray. Don't Panic. Use dusting powder on bed and self. Get rubbing alcohol and spray bottle to treat bed and couch. Tell others if it works well. Couch quarantine till November dry. "

Bedbug-free since whenever (early September) , didn't need to use these steps but you can see how it's useful to write down what action to take instead of suffering a meltdown from trying 'everything'.
I think I should ask for my couch back now...the chemical treatment + long quarantine/purgatory is probably enough.

Thanks for reading.