Monday, October 31, 2016

Moving on from Coursera, passing through The School Of Life

Late 2013 to Early 2016, I was a Courseran and Coursera-addict.
I'm now a follower / adherent of a video channel called The School Of Life.

Isn't it just excellent?

I now work in Yaba, Lagos, not far from my former workplace of Unilag and right in Sabo, the nascent tech startup hub.
I'm considering checking on options for learning more math and/or learning Chinese a bit, either at the university or someplace cleverer.    

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t said...

PS: I stopped working at the new place forty-something hours after this post.
I did check on the Chinese lessons...maybe I'll enroll later. MAYBE. By that I mean probably not.
I didn't check on the math - the Nigerian textbooks are a very unattractive option for studying these fun topics...the internet is far more attractive.

Erik Donald France said...

Cool! 23 skiddoo- ~ ~ !

t said...

Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo