Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Grown-up hip-hop

SDC's Clone Wars III arrived and maybe a dozen listens in, I’m starting to really discover this album.

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Yes of course it was nice at first, and there were some instant hits and instant favourites, but it gets even better after you’ve played the hell out of it.
Frank Ocean’s Blonde is like that too, but I haven’t played the hell out of it yet. Anyone listen to Blonde?

To extend the analogy, Channel Orange is Clone Wars II, while Nostalgia, Ultra is Clone Wars Volume One.   #YES! Totally.

The other album Endless is... I don’t know? Small Chops? The Collectiv3 project?  Both Small Chops and The Collective LP?
The Dreamer Project?

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And like with Frank Ocean, there is sort of a miscellaneous Show Dem Camp album of unreleased music (which on my laptop is a folder labelled BitsNPieces)

Clone Wars III : The Recession , by SDC (Show Dem Camp) is hip-hop that does that thing fine wine does.  Drink up.   

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