Saturday, May 20, 2017

Individual and selfie-society

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I am genuinely sick of 'narratives', 'personalities', 'brands', and constant PR-ing.  I would like to send a big shut up to the world.  Just for a second.  Shut up and watch The Godfather or something, then when you have something great or important to share, please let's see/hear/read/feel/smell it.  Thank you.

What else is going on in my life?  It is peaceful.  It's raining outside.  It's mango and avocado season and you can still have really tasty pineapples if you want.  I'm watching The Godfather.  In my head it's Ella singing  Shall We Dance? : Life is short, we're growing older // Don't you be an also-ran // ... // Dance whenever you can


Erik Donald France said...


t said...

:-) I know

Dami Ajayi said...

very interesting and humorous reviews here. I like their informal nature and comical texture

t said...

thank you, Doc. Texture is a good word. I dream of texture, I strive for texture. Thank you.