Friday, December 08, 2017

It's so nice to have internet

30 Gigs a month.
I can watch lots of videos (at low/medium resolution), sneak in some downloads, and not even have to worry about wasting minutes of downloaded video or whatever.   

I remember internet hell five years ago, or two years ago having this level of access and speed but only overnight.

This is new for me mehn.  And it's good

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t said...

what I mean by wasting downloaded video - nowadays sometimes I'll watch something I like a few times, like maybe come back to it the next day and the next...a luxury.

just a few years ago I would sometimes do that by just keeping the computer on and browser set to that page so that I wouldn't have to reload the video, like maybe a 4-minute music video...
also, generally I would just download the video if I thought it would be one I'd keep replaying, like if a favourite musician had a new video it would be straight-to-download - as a result they would never actually get the view counted from me even though I'd watch their stuff dozens of times (sorry) or even hundreds of times.

This month I'm overusing the internet a bit, been falling asleep while watching longish videos I think that's the problem. Oh and reinstalling stuff, OS, apps. At this rate I'll be out of gigs (people like to say "MB" or "data") before the 20th day or so.