Thursday, April 05, 2018

That so-called hiatus

You may have heard all of Jesse Jagz's album music

 from the effusively brilliant Jag of All Tradez (2010)
through a big fight with his label and a hiatus,
to the classic since 2013 Jagz Nation Volume 1 (Thy Nation Come) and
the very elegant 2014 surprise Jagz Nation Vol. 2 (Royal Niger Company)
and now,
the patchy (or shall we call it modern, it's just that I don't understand it yet) 2017 offering called Odysseus.

While he was preparing himself (or preparing us) for Odysseus (and the first track on that album is massive, very Jesse, greatness, reaching for--, inspiring), he did a lot of cool drops.  They mostly didn't appear on the subsequent album and in every case they did not (yet) get the publicity that all of Jesse's work deserves.

So here, in one place, is the stuff he put out in 2016 and early 2017:

Music + Video :
Best in You (May 2017) , Nigerian Gangsta (May 2016), Body Hot (July 2016 - Praiz ft. Jesse Jagz and Stonebwoy) ,  Jaga Love (Jan 2016 - Jesse Jagz ft. Ice Prince)

Music, No Video :
Midnight Vibes ft. AO, Boom, Your Loving.

Collabos and Freestyles :
New World (Nas remix March 2017), Hoto (Remix March 2016, by Classiq ft. Vector and Jesse Jagz), Reputation (April 2016) and Shook Ones (with Vector in June 2017). 

You want to hear something from BEFORE the so-called first album?  Listen to Grammy Night
My work is trying to do that 'work thing', trying to make me feel like crap.  So I remember Jesse to remember myself.

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t said...

All weekend with #Odysseus.
Next up I should spend some time with Kendrick's DAMN. It was also, to my ears, rather 'modern' even if superbly arranged (I mean the end-to-end album story, not as much within the smaller parts.)

Unknown said...

Can't believe you listen to Jagz too... that's amazing