Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Alternatives to facebook

I just read 8 Best alternatives (Fossbytes)  , and  7 Smaller Social Networks (PopSci) and now have a few actions to take.  Maybe Not add Vero (it's for photo-sharing and I barely share on the popular instagram), but maybe I'll try Tumblr and Ello.

I've used facebook for more than ten years and it has been almost perfect for my needs, especially for autosharing my blog posts.  But now it is changing in ways that make it less convenient to autopost and reach my peeps.

You can help:
Add any of my blogs to your facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp groups, and so on.
We're on twitter:  bloggity-blog @REALbubbler or self-y @tosinbird
In case you were wondering, yes I was on myspace , no I never tried snapchat, and true, I share on google+

Any more ways you can help?  Comment.

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t said...

Update: Ello has very nice and creativity-inspiring posts, so I added those to my REALbubbler Arts++ feature. I just got on Tumblr.

t said...

Besides this blog ( ),

check out my other blogs : , , ,

- don't forget to follow by yourself on RSS, blogger, using your feedreaders and social networks.
- don't forget to share too.

t said...

yayyy, Tumblr funnnn :

On tumblr at the moment, I follow the tag 'food' and the account 'art' - keeping it simple.

Tumblr Alternatives said...

There is a lot of alternatives that allow adult content, fortunetly :) for example provides great list of top 10 Tumblr replacements for adult content.

t said...

g+ was retired at the beginning of this month. Apparently, there is a new network (app) called MeWe to which many google-plus enthusiasts/users will be migrating. I would have migrated too but it seems the site has technical problems affecting some users and keeping them/us from logging on successfully to use it.